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Organic Fruit Is Healthier: Science Told Me So Eat Sustainable Food to Combat High Blood Pressure
Are organic foods really healthier for you? Organic milk for kids.
Super healthy milk! Why buy Organic?
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Organic Fruit Is Healthier: Science Told Me So

Not that we're surprised. But it is nice to have the bunsen burner brigade on board too.

Some lab coats at University of California in Davis grew two batches of kiwifruit; one organically and the other conventionally with the attendant cocktail of herbicides, pesticides and chemical fertiliser. Then compared the two.

The organic ones showed 18% more polyphenols and 27% more antioxidant activity.
Polyphenols, although sounding rather nasty, turn out to be good at reducing cholesterol, improving blood circulation and according to some studies, help in prevention of certain cancers.
And antioxidants are said to be pretty effective at duelling with free radicals, known for damaging cells.
The organic kiwis also produced ascorbic acid, (vitamin C).

The study published in the peer-reviewed British journal of the Society of Chemical Industry, "suggests that the organic plants, thrown onto their own defences against disease and predators, are more "stressed" and therefore produce more of these beneficial compounds."

And it's not the first time such reseach has popped up. A couple of years ago we noted that organic milk had been shown to have significantly higher vitamin E, beta carotene, antioxidants and Omega-3 fatty acids.



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