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OrganicDirect is your go-to source for great tasting, earth-friendly workplace snacks. Please contact us to learn about the many options available and discuss your company’s needs.

Fruits and Vegetables Products by Case Refrigerated

To see a complete list of products available for your workplace go to Office Delivery.

Our Mission

OrganicDirect created its office delivery service to provide natural, healthier alternatives to vending machine junk food and fast food. Busy professionals rarely have nutritious snack options in the office, and poor nutrition leads to fatigue, low productivity, and illness. Without workday access to fruits and vegetables, many businesspeople struggle to stay healthy and motivated.

With OrganicDirect’s healthy breakroom deliveries, your team can enjoy delicious, natural snacks that will energize and support them. They will feel better and enjoy an immediate increase to productivity and well-being.

You can show your employees you care enough to provide natural and organic alternatives for their mid-day snacking. They will appreciate your new efforts, and you will appreciate theirs!


Why Choose OrganicDirect Office Delivery

The majority of our deliveries are natural, organic fruits and vegetables. Here are a few reasons natural fruits and veggies will make your employees love you while building your business.

Better Health – Heart disease, diabetes and obesity rates continue to climb. Your health-conscious employees will appreciate the availability of healthy alternatives to junk food.

More Energy – Fruit contains natural sugars, which help your brain function at peak performance. For employees who struggle with mid-day tiredness, a piece of fruit will perk them up in no time.

Higher Morale – It’s a proven fact that employees who feel appreciated work harder and do more. Provide high-quality snacks instead of cheap junk food and your employees will know you really care.

Better Bottom Line – Studies show that a healthy employee is as much as 20% more productive than an unhealthy employee. Give your employees better alternatives and they’ll reward you with better returns.


How It Works

OrganicDirect’s office delivery service is your solution for convenient office delivery. Our easy-to-order packages include fresh fruits and veggies, yogurts, deli products, granola, nuts and chips. For super-fast ordering, just stop by our website at Office Delivery and choose the affordable package you’d like – 3, 5 or 10 employees. You can also give us a call or pop us an email and we’ll create a custom order just for you!

We deliver weekly, every other week, or every third or fourth week. And as always, there is no contract or commitment required with OrganicDirect. You can cancel at any time. Plus, delivery is free!

To save you money and protect the environment, all of our deliveries come in a plain box. We believe in keeping our services “no frills” so that we can keep our prices low and prevent harmful waste from entering the environment.


Benefits At-A-Glance

·         Natural and organic foods

·         Excellent quality and variety

·         Improved productivity

·         Improved employee morale

·         Better workforce health

·         Easy online ordering

·         No delivery charge

·         No commitment

·         Competitive prices

·         Frequent Buyer discount


We Make It Easy for You to Go Green

All OrganicDirect Products are naturally grown and free from harmful chemicals, such as pesticides, herbicides, hormones and preservatives. Not only does Organic Direct provide natural food products, it also practices the “reduce, reuse, recycle” philosophy by choosing recycle paper products, natural cleaning solutions and using local suppliers to cut fuel consumption.


OrganicDirect is your go-to source for great tasting, earth-friendly workplace snacks. Please contact us to learn about the many options available and discuss your company’s needs.

To see a complete list of products available for your workplace go to Office Delivery.


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