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Woodstock Farms was created to honor the inseparable relationship between the vitality of the soil, the energy of plants, the taste of ripeness and the viability of farming. It has grown to an extensive line of organic and natural grocery, dairy and frozen food products.
Woodstock Farms organic apple sauces are blended from the finest apples to a precise standards of flavor and sweetness.
Woodstock Farms Organic Fair Trade Certifiedā?¢ Basmati Rice is grown without the use of artificial chemicals.
Woodstock Farms organic butter is made from fresh sweet cream from the milk of cows that are fed organic grains, have seasonal access to pasture and are raised without antibiotics or synthetic hormones.
Woodstock Farms organic canned tomatoes are grown in the rich soil and hot sun of the Mediterranean.
Woodstock Farms condiments are made from carefully selected certified organic ingredients for your enjoyment and peace of mind.
Woodstock Farms citrus juices have the premium flavor of juices that have never been concentrated by distillation.
Organic fruit picked at the peak of flavor and quick frozen for the fresh taste of summer any time.
Woodstock Farms offers a wide variety of nut butters to suit every taste and nutritional need.
Woodstock Farms pickles and relish are certified organic and certified kosher. The pickles are made from fresh cucumbers soaked in brine and blended with spices and vinegar for the most crunchy, tasteful pickles out there.
Woodstock Farms sugar cane is produced using organic methods. Weed control is done by hand, using only certified organic fertilizer. The organic fertilizer is prepared with organic components that not only supply the cane with all the needed nutrients but also incorporates all the elements back to the soil. The result is a vegan product with excellent flavor and no artificial chemical residues.
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